For both short-term visitors and residents of the area, JFF offers a selection of engaging, hands-on day tours in and around Nagoya. Nagoya is often described as a travel dead zone, but there are a number of fascinating cultural and historical sites in the area that simply lack information and accessibility in English. With the help of our friendly, multilingual staff, you can enjoy experiences from hiking in traditional mountain towns to okonomiyaki-making, ceramics crafting, and woodcarving.

Most tours can be arranged at any time, but we also feature seasonal tours and monthly fixed-schedule events. We would love to have you join one of our regular tours, or contact us to arrange a custom option for your family, group of friends, or visiting associates. We are happy to accommodate dietary needs, religious beliefs, and your personal interests and hobbies, and we have native English- and Chinese-speaking staff. There’s more to do in the Nagoya area than you think!

Regularly Featured Tours

Special and Seasonal