Culture Fairs

We at JFF have a deep love for Japanese culture and a desire to bring it to a wider audience. In 2017, we began a regular cultural experience program in Nagoya, where anyone who is interested can try their hand at several different cultural activities, all in one afternoon. Thanks to our long history of Japanese cultural events overseas we have assembled a collection of friendly, professional teachers, and our multilingual staff speak English, Chinese, and German.

The particular activities available at each culture fair vary depending on the month, but typically include kimono or yukata (both men’s and women’s styles available, perfect for photographs), koto, flower arranging or tea ceremony with handmade sweets, and calligraphy or brush painting, plus an assortment of other activities. For details on each month’s particular offerings, please see the "upcoming events" page.

We can also arrange custom programs and events for groups or individuals.






Program Fees

Early reservation (more than two weeks in advance)
Adults ¥4000, children ¥2500
Adults ¥5000, children ¥3000
Program fee is all-inclusive and covers cost of kimono, matcha, and sweets, as well as any crafts, flower arrangements, calligraphy boards, or handmade paper, which participants may of course take home as a souvenir.

Please note that we may be unable to accept reservations less than three business days before the event.