Sunari Festival

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of taking a group of travelers to experience the Sunari Festival in Kanie, and we saw why it’s earned its spot as a UNESCO important cultural heritage event. In addition to watching the decoration of the stately lantern boat, we were lucky enough to meet the mayors of Kanie and Nagoya. In spite of the massive crowds pouring into this small town, the people of Kanie were extremely welcoming, and we all enjoyed a wonderful evening together.

In autumn we’ll be arranging more tours to visit other local festivals – stay tuned!

A World Heritage Festival in your own yukata!

In 2016, 33 festivals around Japan were declared UNESCO intangible cultural property, all of which feature ornate parade floats, traditional music, and celebration. Sunari Matsuri, based in Kanie, is unique for its waterborne float, covered in dozens of lanterns and bearing charms and good luck amulets for observers. To celebrate its recent designation, JFF has organized a new English-friendly tour with an optional yukata (summer kimono) included. Family friendly, and perfect for people nervous navigating a cultural event all in Japanese. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this Edo-period culture!

Contact or call 052-413-8200 for reservations.

Sake, cycling, and mochi in Iwamura

We’ve prepared a fantastic trip for July to the nearby town of Iwamura, an excellent location to give Nagoya-area residents a taste of the Japanese countryside. After cycling through the traditional main street and castle ruins area, enjoy your own handmade gohei mochi for lunch, accompanied by local vegetables and soba noodles, finished off with a sake tasting at the local brewery. 5000 yen per person, all costs included except transportation to Iwamura. Contact us for details or to make a reservation!

Date and time: Sunday, July 9th, 8:30-20:00 (on location from 10:45 to 17:45 if traveling independently to Iwamura)