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2018年3月15日 : New Culture Fair Dates
Upcoming culture fair dates have been added!

Sunday, April 22nd
Sunday, May 27th
Saturday, June 16th

Contact us about for reservations or inquiries about discounts. We look forward to seeing you there!

2018年2月2日 : JFF in Prague Preparations
Japan Folk Festival in Prague

Last week, we traveled to Kanazawa to meet with two of the groups who will be joining the festival in March. First was the Kanazawa Subayashi Hozonkai, who practice a rare style of music meant to entertain inside Japan’s traditional teahouses.

The members of this group are remarkable for their dedication to a traditional Japanese art that has largely disappeared. Their style of music was developed from the shamisen repertoire to be perfectly suited for the intimate space where small dinner parties are entertained by geisha.

Geisha may be many people’s quintessential image of Japan, but actually it can be difficult to see these types of traditional performances - the cost of an evening of entertainment from a geisha typically reaches tens of thousands of yen, and many teahouses are open by invitation only.

Furthermore, the style of music that this group performs is unique to the city of Kanazawa. Subayashi, meaning “pure” or “simple” accompaniment, is taught today only by very select numbers of teachers.

Fortunately, Ms. Kineya of the association is happy to share this amazing culture with visitors from other countries. JFF regularly hosts a group from Spain, who are able to watch live practices of subayashi music and dance. The performances are always exceptionally well-received.

In addition to the logistics of performing in a large hall ? very different from their usual atmosphere ? the geisha were very concerned with the difficulty of transporting wigs and other traditional accoutrements all the way to Prague! However, we were all sure that the effort will definitely be worth it to share this amazing culture with the audiences there.
2018年1月26日 : April Culture Fair
April's date and program has been decided! Activities will be:

-Tea ceremony with homemade sweets
-Koto playing
-"Tsumami" stitching crafts

Contact us for details or reservations!

2017年12月22日 : Year-end/New Year's Holiday
Thank you everyone, for your participation and interest in JFF events! It has been a very exciting year for us.

Our office will be closed from December 29th through January 4th. We will also be closed again for the holiday on January 8th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season! We're looking forward to working with you again in the new year.
2017年11月30日 : 2018 Events
It has been a very eventful year for JFF - in addition to launching a new series of Japanese culture fairs, we have also been planning multiple overseas events to bring Japanese culture to a wider global audience. In particular, we are looking forward to the Japan Folk Festival in Prague, scheduled for March 3rd-4th of next year. We're currently coordinating with a number of amazing performers, artists, and craftsmen from throughout Japan, and are also excited to be showcasing local Czech performers as part of the festival. We are also excited to announce our participation in the 2018 Sakura Days Fair in Vancouver, scheduled for mid-April.

As we prepare for our upcoming events, we'll be taking a couple of months off from our regularly scheduled culture fair. Check back soon for upcoming dates. We look forward to hearing from you!