September 23rd Culture Fair

Try a variety of hands-on Japanese activities in a beautiful Meiji-era garden and teahouse!

When: Saturday, September 23rd, 13:00 – 16:00
Where: Nakamura Park Memorial Hall, a short subway ride from Nagoya Station (see here for details)
What: try several hands-on Japanese cultural activities, in whatever order and for as long as you like; there is no set schedule. This month we are offering kimono (men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes available; photography in bamboo garden also possible), 13-string koto harp, taiko drumming, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and paper crafts, introduced to you by a group of friendly teachers with experience sharing Japanese culture overseas.


Email or call 052-413-8200 for tickets, or use the contact form at the top of the page. We look forward to seeing you there!

We will also be offering different activities on our upcoming programs (October 15th and November 19th; future dates TBA) so follow this blog or our Facebook page for updates.


Advance (reserved by September 8th):
Adults ¥4000, children 6-12 ¥2500 (children under 6 free)

Adults ¥5000, children ¥3000

Admission includes all materials necessary for the day’s activities, and completed crafts, art, calligraphy, and sweets can be taken home as souvenirs.

Nagoya event: “The Art of the Guitar”

On September 10th, Spanish-based guitar performer and professor Takagi Masayuki will be in Nagoya as part of his “The Art of the Guitar” tour. As part of a 3:00 PM afternoon concert, he will perform a number of contemporary works by composers from around the world, including Antonio Lauro’s Five Venezuelan Waltzes, Alexandre Tansman’s Cantina, and Frederico Moreno Torroba’s captivating Sonatina.

For tickets, contact Muse Salon in Ozone (see flier for details).

Sunari Festival

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of taking a group of travelers to experience the Sunari Festival in Kanie, and we saw why it’s earned its spot as a UNESCO important cultural heritage event. In addition to watching the decoration of the stately lantern boat, we were lucky enough to meet the mayors of Kanie and Nagoya. In spite of the massive crowds pouring into this small town, the people of Kanie were extremely welcoming, and we all enjoyed a wonderful evening together.

In autumn we’ll be arranging more tours to visit other local festivals – stay tuned!

Penang, Malaysia: Part 2

More photos from our event in Penang, Malaysia! For the second year, we held a joint cultural collaboration with the local Phor Tay high school. It was a wonderful opportunity to see local dance and drumming performances, and share a bit of Japanese culture with the students.

Penang, Malaysia: Part 1

We were thrilled to once again arrange the stage performance for the annual Bon Odori festival in Penang, Malaysia. The two Japanese groups, DDM Company and Kinjokai Taishogoto School, were extremely well-received by local audiences. Our first stop was at the Penang Japanese School, pictured here! More updates to follow.

A World Heritage Festival in your own yukata!

In 2016, 33 festivals around Japan were declared UNESCO intangible cultural property, all of which feature ornate parade floats, traditional music, and celebration. Sunari Matsuri, based in Kanie, is unique for its waterborne float, covered in dozens of lanterns and bearing charms and good luck amulets for observers. To celebrate its recent designation, JFF has organized a new English-friendly tour with an optional yukata (summer kimono) included. Family friendly, and perfect for people nervous navigating a cultural event all in Japanese. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this Edo-period culture!

Contact or call 052-413-8200 for reservations.

Final preparations for Malaysia!

This week marks JFF’s eleventh year arranging the stage performances for the Bon Odori festival in Penang, Malaysia, sponsored by the Consul-General of Japan in Penang. This year we’re very excited to present taishogoto, koto, shishimai lion dancing, and yosakoi dance by Kinjokai and DDM Company.

Founded in 1971 by Kinjo Suzuki, the Kinjokai Taishogoto School is dedicated to the development and promulgation of the taishogoto, a unique autoharp-style instrument that was invented in Nagoya’s Osu Kannon district. Uniquely representative of Nagoya’s culture, it will be performed by the iemoto, or head, of the school, also known by the honorary artist name Kinjo Suzuki, and her top students. Lesson and upcoming event information available in Japanese at:


DDM Company dance troupe is led by Emiko Nagata and based in Handa, but has performed throughout Japan and in the United States. They offer a unique, modern take on traditional dance styles, including the famous yosakoi clapper dance that originated in Kochi. More information at:

DDM Company

We look forward to more great events with these groups in the future, both in Nagoya and overseas!